Freshness You Can Taste!

Corn Tortillas are a staple in Latin American cuisine and Tresierras Brand Corn Tortillas are the benchmark for all others to follow.

As food enthusiasts, we recognized a need for a better corn tortilla. So when we set out to make our own corn tortillas, our goal was to make a tortilla that exceeded all others in the three most important areas - Taste, Texture and Elasticity. We achieved this by using only the best ingredients in the right amounts, from the high-quality Corn Masa to the crystal clear distilled water, to determining the perfect cooking temperature. The result is a corn tortilla that is soft, light, fluffy and bursting with corn flavor. Our home-made Corn Tortillas – available in White, Yellow and Blue Corn - are an extension of our obsessive dedication to quality, freshness and great taste. Try ‘em for yourself and experience the difference a quality tortilla can make for your meals.

Spice up any dish with flavored tortillas!
Our delicious corn tortillas are now available in the following flavors: Habanero, Chipotle and Jalapeno.