We Didn't Invent Carne Asada; We Perfected It

Home Of The Real Carne Asada

Tresierras Supermarkets is widely known for setting the standard in carrying the finest, highest-quality, Traditional American and Latin American cuts of U.S.D.A. Choice grade beef. However, while all of our meat department’s offerings are of the highest quality and very popular, we attribute a great deal of the success of our store’s meat departments to our most popular cut of beef: Ranchera a.k.a. “Carne Asada.”

Our Carne Asada cut is the “One” that put us on the map decades ago and continues, to this day, to make us a Destination Supermarket. Due to the tremendous success of our Carne Asada, we have been dubbed by some of our customers as the place that sells “The Real Carne Asada.” As a family-owned supermarket that started out as a Butcher Shop, we’re overjoyed and proud of having earned that moniker and we’re honored to continue to offer only the best quality products at the best value.

This webpage pays homage to you - our loyal customers and to the “One” that everybody loves; as well, it serves to enlighten the uninitiated as to what Tresierras Carne Asada is all about! Enjoy and Happy Grilling!

What Is Carne Asada?

While “Carne Asada’s” literal translation in English means “grilled meat”, the actual cut of beef that most people are referring to when they say “Carne Asada” is Ranchera (in Spanish) or Flap Steak. Flap Steak is a tender, fan-shaped cut of beef that comes from the short loin portion of the cow. Tresierras Carne Asada is a thinly sliced cut of flap steak, skillfully butterflied, and marinated (per your request) in our Famous Chimichuri Wet Rub.

What Is The Real Carne Asada?

THE REAL CARNE ASADA combines the soft texture and extensive, natural marbling of U.S.D.A. Choice Beef marinated in our delicious Chimichuri Wet Rub.

Why U.S.D.A. Choice?

We use U.S.D.A. Choice because the fat content of Choice grade beef is distributed more evenly than U.S.D.A. Select or No roll. This is what is known as “marbling.” Due to its higher fat content, U.S.D.A. Choice beef has a distinctly softer texture which contributes to a juicier and more flavorful cut of beef – with or without a marinade.

Cooking Carne Asada

THE REAL CARNE ASADA, grilled over an open flame and served in a Taco, Burrito, Quesadilla, Torta or as a main course – “Tampiquenia Style” - will open your eyes to the possibilities of what a great cut of meat can do to a very simple dish.

The Real Carne Asada – Quality Without Compromise!